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Colleen + Zach — Heber Springs Arkansas Engagement, Heber Springs Arkansas Photographer

Colleen and Zach.  I don’t know quite how to sum them up into words.  But their relationship– well, it’s amazing.  I absolutely love love love what I do, and it’s couples like them that make me so thankful I’m blessed to get to do this.  They’ve been such a joy to get to know, and I absolutely cannot wait to spend their wedding day with them!!!

They spent a day driving around Heber finding epic locations.  I’d say, they succeeded.  :)  A HUGE congratulations to these two !  Here’s just a few of my favorites from our session together.




The Reeves Family :: Waiting on Baby :: Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer

I don’t exactly remember when it was when I met her. And I don’t remember exactly how.  But in the short year or so that I met Elizabeth she has become such a dear friend to me.  And as soon as Rusty met Jake and Wil met Turner, well we all just clicked. Our whole family pretty much adores this family, so it was such a joy to get out with them last night and photograph them as they wait for baby Reeves.  I can’t wait to meet him!:) Love you sweet friends!



The Walker Family :: As They Are :: Searcy Arkansas Family Photographers, Arkansas Lifestyle Photographers

The sun was shining brightly through the windows as baby B read his furry Bible in the light of his bedroom on the floor.  Laura and David were in the hallway laughing about something or another and B and I had a moment alone.  He looked up, smiled at me, and went on to chewing on his favorite Bible.  I know I’ve told you before, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting families this way.  Every As They Are session scheduled has blown me away by the support of friends and family of this crazy idea I had.  It was such an honor to spend the day with this lovely family and have a glimpse into the beauty of their every day lives.

Here’s a look at the Walker family.  As they are.



Jessica + Alan // Mr. and Mrs. West — Cypress Meadows Plantation Wedding, Howell Arkansas, Arkansas Wedding Photographers

When I first met Jessica and Alan, I knew their day would be so special.  They’ve been together since they were young teenagers and have a love that is strong and faithful.  You can see it in the way he holds her, the way she makes him laugh and the bond they share with God and their families.

It was such an honor to document their love over the last couple of months. To get to know them.  To hear their stories. To laugh with them.  And to cry along with Alan as Jess walked down the aisle.

To Jessica and Alan, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I hope these images stay with you and remind you always of the joy of that day.  I love you both.





Marcos Lunsford - What a wonderful wedding ceremony and a wonderful couple, great job on the pictures.

Cassie - Thank you so much!!! They are such a great couple! I thoroughly enjoyed spending my day with them!

Andrew + Emily : Little Rock Arkansas Engagement Session :: Wildwood Park, Little Rock Arkansas :: Downtown River Market, Little Rock, Arkansas

Wildwood Park.  That was our plan.  Because, seriously they have an awesome gazebo and a lake and we were just SO EXCITED.  Emily and I have been texting about our session together for days.  Days. Because after all this “springtime” winter we’ve had, it’s been something to look forward to.  And thankfully, the weather cooperated (for the most part.) Despite that it was a chilly 50 degrees, the sun was shining, the sky was a gorgeously clear blue and birds were singing.  So even though we were shivering, we felt warm.:)

Emily braved the cold like a champ.  And the fact that the park closed after us being there about 15 minutes.  We quickly made a change in plans, and they sweetly took everything in stride, not letting anything ruin our time together.  I absolutely had a blast with them and cannot wait to spend more time with them as we get closer and closer to their big day.  Certainly, once it’s all over and they’re married, I’m going to miss them.  We celebrated with huge burgers at Big Orange afterwards, and who can go to BO without ordering a shake? Certainly not the three of us.  We all pigged out.  And laughed.  And learned so much about one another.  I’m telling you, I have the best clients in the world.  It’s such a blessing to meet such wonderful people through this.

SO. Here’s Andrew and Emily.  And their love.