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Maci — Arkansas Senior Photographer

I drove a ways to meet Maci but it was a GORGEOUS drive and well worth it.  I spent almost an hour both ways watching the sun decsend on wide open fields, hills in the background and old barns nestled in the middle of dancing waves of long grass that would soon be cut for hay.  It was a wonderful adventure I got to go on, exploring the land of their family along with taking some photographs of this stunning and sweet girl.  It was a joy to get to meet her and spend time with she and her family.  And they fed me brownies.  They know how to make a pregnant girl’s dreams come true.

Here’s just a few of my favorites of Maci.



Farm Boy.

It’s been a while, due to wedding season, that I posted a personal post but I decided today was the day.  Because I love these photos of him doing what he loves the most.  Although the number of times he says the word “tractor” in a day probably reaches around 200, and even though I frequently wake up in the morning to one in my face,  I’m going to be awfully sad one day when he doesn’t sing about them in the bathtub.  For this kid, tractors are IT. They’re all over the house, and he’s currently in my lap saying, “Mom! the tractor!” with each photo that loads in. So I had to make sure I documented him on the real ones.

Sometimes, on Saturday or Sunday, Wil and I will take a short walk to the barn after nap time when I’m not shooting a wedding or an awesome family.  So it hasn’t happened in a few weeks, but the last time it did, I took the camera along with us.  Here’s what we got.




Anna — Senior 2015 — Arkansas Senior Photographer

I’ll never forget the first time I met Anna.  It was about 6 or 7 years ago, a then still little girl walked in to her daddy’s office and said asked me, “who is your favorite scientist?”  And just like that I instantly adored her.  I had so much fun last night with Anna talking about her plans for the future and chit-chatting.  This girl has such a gentle and kind spirit and shines a light to everyone she meets.  I’m so excited to see where she goes in life.  I know she’s going to do great things.

Anna, congratulations on entering your senior year. I hope it’s the best ending to high school and a great beginning to a wonderful future.  Thank you so much for the honor of documenting this special time in your life.  2014-06-20_00012014-06-20_00022014-06-20_00032014-06-20_00042014-06-20_00052014-06-20_00062014-06-20_00072014-06-20_00082014-06-20_00092014-06-20_00102014-06-20_00112014-06-20_00122014-06-20_00132014-06-20_00142014-06-20_00152014-06-20_00162014-06-20_00172014-06-20_00182014-06-20_00192014-06-20_00202014-06-20_00212014-06-20_00222014-06-20_00232014-06-20_00242014-06-20_00252014-06-20_00262014-06-20_00272014-06-20_00282014-06-20_00292014-06-20_00302014-06-20_00312014-06-20_00322014-06-20_00332014-06-20_00342014-06-20_00352014-06-20_00362014-06-20_00372014-06-20_00382014-06-20_00392014-06-20_00402014-06-20_00412014-06-20_00422014-06-20_00432014-06-20_0044