We were delighted when Heath and Hannah Carpenter invited us to their delightfully charming home to celebrate Christmas with some of our very dearest friends.  Our class at church has been such a blessing since we joined about this time almost two years ago, now.  And words cannot express how deeply we’ve come to care about these people.

When Heath greeted us at the door (we were those annoying first-people-to-arrive) we walked into a world of candles, fresh greenery and delectable food.

But what’s more than the beautiful decorations and the food is the fun we had, the memories made, and the time spent together with our church family. As Rusty and I rode away from the party last night, I couldn’t help but thank God for every single person in our class. For they bless us beyond measure with their friendship.

A special thanks to Hannah for opening up her home, and all the hard work she put into creating for us a great party.  <— Dear Heath: that was for you.:)Payback for all those great announcements about the parties at Rusty’s house.

Hannah is also a very talented designer: Hannah’s Hand


We pregnant ladies all took turns vegging out on the bed.:) Photos thanks to Amber Boyd.

So here we are laughing. Something was obviously hysterical.

Jared wins brother in law points for capturing this photo of my lovely sister and I. ((Shout out! We missed you Heather!))

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Lately, we’ve been doing lots of running. I’m finishing up editing, working on taxes, while attending every Christmas program and party we can.

The other night, Michael had a musical. So as the cool aunt, I brought the camera and flashed away just like the other hundred parents in the room. But I couldn’t help but smile when I pulled out my big camera and flash and the dad next to me pointed to his wife and said, “we should get one like THAT.”

We were sitting pretty far away, but I still got some super awesome shots of my favorite six year old.


When I first met Montgomery, I was small and he was 11 years older. Therefore: he was AWESOME.  (Aside from the fact that he’s pretty cool anyways) But in my eyes, watching him play baseball was like watching Zac Hanson on tv.  (And back then, Zac Hanson was IT. Freal.)  Growing up I pretty much thought the two of them hung the moon, my brother and his wife.  It was SUCH a blessing to get to inherit a brother along with my new family, and then a new sister when he married Molly — and now, it’s a blessing to watch them raise two precious girls.

I’ll never forget walking into my grandparents house a few years ago right before Christmas when Molly and Montgomery told us they were having a baby!  Little did we know at the time they were having TWO babies!

It’s not that often we get to see one another, but when we do, the time flies.  Laughter echos through out the house and the sound of kids music coming from the plethora of toys in the living room floor drowns out the television playing a football game.

I went to Mom and Dad’s one night this weekend for the first time since they left, and the house was quiet. There was a bowl of toy lady bugs still sitting on the counter in the kitchen.  I couldn’t help but tear up and think that the next time we see them is SIX whole months away.  They’ll be another year older and we’ll have a one month old. <—whoa.

Our time together as a family may be short, but we make memories that last the whole year.  I was thankful for a minute to capture this precious family after church one Sunday afternoon while they were here.

I love you all! xoxo


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It’s said that if you crave sour, it’s a boy.

I crave pickles.

It’s said that if you have breakouts, it’s a girl.

I have the skin reminiscent of my junior high days.

The chinese gender calendar says it’s a girl.

My gender prediction quiz online says it’s a boy.

I got a feeling that it was a boy.

I had a dream that it was a girl.

There’s no fool proof method to find out what you’re having. Clearly. Else we’d be having one of each. (And we know from the head count, there’s just one baby in there.)  So, we’re patiently waiting for our gender revealing ultrasound to come around next month to find out if Baby J is a boy or a girl. Either way, we’re excited.  And either way, there’s a pinterest board ready to be excited for the cutest nursery in the world. (In my personal opinion.:))

But, in light of finding out who’s in there, I decided to make a little game.  Please leave your vote in the poll box below — and if you want to be entered to win a free session, also leave your vote in the comment section below along with your email.  When we have our gender revealing ultra sound, of the ones who get it right, there will be  a drawing for a 15$ Itunes giftcard.

That’s right. 15$ of Itunes goodness.  So, get your vote on and drop a vote like it’s hot!



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  • Amanda Livingston - I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a boy, but my strong feeling is always wrong, so I’ll vote a girl.ReplyCancel

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    (But I’m secretly hoping it’s a girl) ;)
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We were cool that year.  Why? Because we had our Doc Martins, we rocked side ponytails and it was the year we all started wearing clear mascara.  Clearly, we were adults now.  And- we could write in pen.  Which also meant, we could carry around that all-important tool in our trapper keepers.  White out.

I loved it.  Any time I made a mistake or wanted to re-wind words I’d spelled out on paper, I’d just paint over them.  As if they were never there.  No evidence was left behind, unless of course you painted out of the lines– but not even those pen scribbles that indented your paper were left.  The mistake? It never happened.

If only we could white out life, right?  We could paint over our mistakes just like they’d never happened and all evidence would be history and we could party on like it’s 1999.

I used to wish I could have re-do’s.  But not anymore.

As I’d flip back through photos from my first weddings, from my first sessions, I cringe and think, what was I thinking? But now, now that I’ve gained a little perspective, I’m thankful for the mistakes.  For the things that taught me how to be better.  For the things that inspired me to change. The things that grew me.

Embrace the mistakes you’re making now.  They’re just one step closer on that journey to making dreams a reality.

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  • Kim Smith - Funny you should say this… I had this very same re-do wish yesterday when I ran into my very first bride, and she now has TWO young kids. Wow. Time flies. I look at her images and really truly wish I could have done more for her because they were hardly worth putting on a disc.ReplyCancel

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